Trade, Commerce and Investment

Bangladesh-Hong Kong Bilateral Trade

Hong Kong is one of the leading sources of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) and one of the top 20 export destinations for Bangladesh. Bangladesh–Hong Kong bilateral trade figures since 2015 are shown in the graph:

Items of Domestic Exports of Hong Kong to Bangladesh are as follows: Buttons, Fasteners (for RMGs), Paper and Paperboard Labels (for RMGs), Plastic Sacks and Bags, Labels, Badges of Textile, and Fabrics, etc. Major Items of Re- Exports of Hong Kong to Bangladesh are as follows: Telephone sets, mobile phones, Buttons, Fasteners (for RMGs), Knitted or crocheted fabrics, Woven Fabrics (cotton), Paper and Paperboard Labels (for RMGs), Cotton Yarn, Labels, Badges of Textile, Plastic Articles, and Slide Fasteners, etc.

Major Items of Exports from Bangladesh to Hong Kong are as follows: Telecommunications and sound recording and reproducing apparatus and equipment; footwear; photographic apparatus, equipment and supplies, and optical goods; watches and clocks; leather, leather manufactures and dressed furskins; articles of apparels and clothing accessories, etc.

Merchandise Trades between Bangladesh and Hong Kong

Merchandise Trades between Bangladesh and Hong Kong

Bangladesh Participation in trade fairs in Hong Kong: Each year Bangladesh attends several trade fairs in Hong Kong including ‘The Fashion Access’, ‘Hong Kong Houseware Fair’, ‘MEGA SHOW Part 1’, ‘Hong Kong Book Fair’, and ‘Hong Kong SME Expo”. All these fairs witness a very encouraging volume of confirmed and prospective orders from the buyers who visit Bangladesh booths. The Consulate remains actively involved in the successful participation of the Bangladeshi exhibitors in the above-mentioned fairs.

Promotion of Economic and Trade relations between Bangladesh and     Hong Kong:

Promotion of Economic and Trade relations between Bangladesh and Hong Kong has remained one of the major areas of work of this Consulate. The Consul General keeps himself engaged in this work.

Hong Kong was the sixth (6th) largest source of FDI for Bangladesh in for the past two years. The recent US-China trade dispute and rising manufacturing cost in China has triggered a massive outward relocation of manufacturing industries from China. Amidst the current COVID 19 pandemic, there is a realisation that what we called so far as global supply chain is actually China supply chain. This also has led to discussions on relocation of supply bases from China to elsewhere. Along with South East Asian countries, Bangladesh also has become an investment and manufacturing destination for obvious reasons. As such, a growing interest about Bangladesh among the investors/entrepreneurs in Hong Kong has been observed during the recent time. This mission has remained engaged in reaching out to Hong Kong business circle through maintaining regular contacts with the Hong Kong investors who have already invested in Bangladesh and by widening its networking activities. This mission holds also seminars, join talks organised by business bodies, etc, keep regular contacts with media people in Hong Kong. BIDA, BEPZA, MOFA, BEZA participated in seminars organised by this Consulate in the past two years. Hong Kong investors took an initiative to establish a Hong Kong Special Economic Zone in Bangladesh. This Consulate is extending its support to Hong Kong investors for this purpose and coordinating between Bangladesh authorities and Hong Kong entrepreneurs

At this mission’s initiative, three trade delegations visited Bangladesh in 2019, which are as follows:

  1. Chinese Manufacture Association (CMA) Delegation to Bangladesh 22-26 May 2019.
  2. Delegation of Japanese chamber of Hong Kong, comprising of members of textile sub-Committee visited Bangladesh in 19-21 October 2019.
  3. Credit Suisse (China, Hong Kong) fact finding mission to Bangladesh 29 October- 01 November 2019.

Major Economic Indicators  of Hong Kong
Population, Mid-year (mn)
Gross Domestic Product (US$ bn)
85.0 a
GDP Per Capita (US$)
Real GDP Growth (%)
 -8.9 b
Inflation (% Change in Composite CPI)
+2.0 b
Unemployment Rate (%)
4.2 c
Retail Sales Growth (%)
-35.0 b
Number of Visitors (mn)
 3.5 a
Visitor Arrivals Growth (%)
 -80.9 b

aJanuary – March 2020;
b year-on-year change, January – March 2020;
c  seasonally adjusted, January – March 2020;

Source: Census and Statistics Department, HKSAR