Journalist Visa

Journalists of newspapers / magazines /TV or radio networks/news agencies /representatives of print, electronic or satellite media / freelance journalists would be eligible for a journalist visa for the purpose of professional duty in Bangladesh. The following documents will be required for a journalist visa:

  1. Online visa application form; Please click Bangladesh Online MRV Portal   //  to find the online visa application form.
  2. A support letter from his/her organization describing the purpose of his/her visits;
  3. Letter from Hong Kong Authority;
  4. Duly filled in FF-I and FF-II forms;
  5. Two (02) copies of passport-size (35 x 45mm) white background photographs;
  6. Passport copy of database page with immediate previous Bangladesh visa (if available) copy;
  7. Hong Kong / Macau  Identity Card copy;
  8. Please make pre-registration to submit the application to the Consulate General through the below link.
 Consular Service Application System