Requirement for Bangladesh Passport

Requirement for Bangladesh Passpor

To obtain MRP, an applicant must possess of the following documents:

  1. Bangladesh National ID (NID) card or;
  2. Birth Registration Certificate containing 17-digit Birth Registration Number (BRN).
  3. Copies of applicant’s existing Bangladesh Passport database page (valid or expired) along with the original passport itself;
  4. A passport-size white background photo (35 x 45 mm) of the applicant must be affixed with the MRP application form.
  5. Duly filled-in MRP Application Form (UPPERCASE letters) Application Form; [Download Here]
  6. Hong Kong / Macau or Taiwan Identity Card copy; and
  7. Applicable payment for MRP fees;
  8. Please make an appointment to submit the application to the Consulate General through the below link.

 Consular Service Appointment